Developing practical and useful workshops is one of my favourite things to do. Below are slides from some of the workshops I have facilitated. Feel free to use them, it would be nice to know if you do use them and how things went. If you would like me to deliver a workshop for you, please get in touch

Living and Breathing the Web – What does it mean to live and breath the web and how is technology impacting upon the self? Most importantly is the emphasis on our need for networks and how other people contribute to who we are and what we can achieve.

Analysing Qualitative Data with MS Word – saves learning a new software programme and making a mess with felt tip pens

The Self Online – constructing a professional online presence as an undergraduate student

Social Marketing: Social Media for Social Housing

Researching People:Using Questionnaires and Interviews
– the choice should be based on your research question

An enterprising future for Psychology postgraduates