Future Projects

My research interests broadly fall within the areas of social, media, and environmental psychology. Following on from my PhD, I aim to further explore issues around identity, adaptation and living in disruptive places. I would also like to take the theoretical approach developed in my PhD and apply it to understanding the psychology of the self online and the construction of digital identities. I hope the future brings opportunities to develop the links between my environmental psychological research and my emerging interests in digital media.

Self and Identity
The Social Construction of Environmental Problems (particularly noise)
Residential Ideologies – what makes a ‘good’ place?
The Psychology of Enterprising Places – how do places become enterprising?
Social Media and the Self Online
Ethical and Professional Issues around Social Media Use (particularly for psychologists)
Integrating Social Media within Teaching and Learning
Intergrating Enterprise within Psychology in Higher Education
Media and Digital Futures
Discursive Psychology: Analysing Media and Digital Content

I would really like to hear from anyone who would like to discuss any of the above or collaborate in the future.
Email: j.condie@uws.edu.au
Twitter: @jennacondie