Current Projects

Social Media for Social Housing: Tenant Participation in the Digital Age 

Social housing providers are uniquely placed to embrace social media for the purposes of tenant participation, community involvement, and social change. This research aims to understand how social housing providers are using (or not using) social media to inform, listen, and interact with their tenants. This study consists of two key components: 1) a comprehensive audit of tenant participation activities in New South Wales, and 2) interviews with representatives from social housing organisations about their experiences and future expectations of social media for social housing. This research will establish a baseline from which to build a research strength in tenant participation in the digital age. Following from this study, further research is required to understand digital participation from the tenants’ perspective. There is also significant future potential for digital social innovations led by social housing providers to instigate social change and encourage digital inclusion.

Dialogues of Sustainable Urbanisation: Social Science Research and Transitions to Urban Contexts

This book of blogs is a collection of diverse works from researchers across the globe who all have something important to say about the way in which our world is changing and how we can strive towards a more sustainable future. This book emerged from an International Social Science Council (ISSC) meeting in November 2014 of early career researchers who gathered in Taiwan to discuss transitions to urban contexts from a social science perspective. The seminar involved weeklong discussions about sustainable urbanisation and the contribution of social science research to sustainable urban futures. Yet a week was not long enough to hear the diverse perspectives within the room, let alone incorporate the plethora of viewpoints beyond it. Within the ISSC discussions we concluded that one definition of sustainable urbanisation is not possible and that sustainable urbanisations are in play. The transitions to urban contexts taking place, and those that are anticipated within our futures, were characterised in terms of their plurality, diversity, fluidity, and change. This book embraces such uncertainty by welcoming dialogues, rather than a monologue, on the urbanisation processes taking place across the world and what to do about the places we build and the impacts of human activity on the environment, health and climate.

Social Media Ethics

Collaboration with Dr Kirsten Bartlett, Dr Fleur-Michelle Coiffait, and Dr David Houghton on professional and ethical issues for psychologists’ use of social media.

Understanding Social Media from a Lifespan Perspective

Collaboration with Dr Adam Galpin, University of Salford