Data Science for Social Scientists

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I sat in on a lecture this week introducing Data Science with students embarking upon the digital research specialisation on the Master of Social Science. I enjoyed the lecture because I can see the huge potential for social scientists to enhance their quantitative research skills and learn new programmes, primarily R. This Q-Step report ‘Stand out and be counted’ explains how to maximise your prospects as a social science graduate with quantitative research skills much better than I can here.

This is going to be an evolving post, which I’ll add to as I attend the data science sessions. In the meantime, I thought it would be useful to collate some resources for those new to statistics.

Statistics Hell – Andy Field’s website (don’t be scared, just enter!). Also check out his book Discovering statistics using R

Learning statistics with R – intro book free to download by Dan Navarro (University of Adelaide)

Dancing statistics – learning stats through dance

Intro to stats – an online Udacity course

A hand’s on introduction to stats with R – Datacamp course, work at your own pace.

Youtube videos – in many cases, some kind person has explained what you need to know or has recorded themselves running the test you are trying to do and uploaded it to youtube.

Update: Jan 2016

Teaching with Data –  a website of resources and ideas to reduce the challenges of bringing real data into post-secondary classes. There’s a range of datasets available on here to play around with.

Introduction to Data Science – Jeffrey Stanton’s free open access book on data science. Recommended by @hassan_zamir – thank you.

Special issue on Big Data in the Journal of Communication. Recommended by @frizzbarks – thank you.

The Data Revolution by Rob Kitchen (thank you @frizzbarks). Also see LSE Impact Blog post Big data should complement small data, not replace them.

Any more?


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