I know I need to blog

I haven’t written a blog post in ages.  Just due the general busyness of life and also setting up two other blogs.  The first one is for the Media Psychology team who launched the first (and only) MSc in Media Psychology in the UK this September at the University of Salford.  The second is for the Psychology team at Salford.  

I have also been collaborating with a group of social media savvy Psychology undergraduates on an initiative called Salford Psychology Network (SPNet).  SPNet is all about creating a supportive online community for students and staff in Psychology at Salford.  So although I’ve not been blogging, I have been very active on Twitter and LinkedIn recently working with the SPNet core team to set up regular #salfordpsych chats (modelled on the brilliant #phdchat) and a LinkedIn group to support students and staff getting started on that platform.  Our emerging aim seems to be to emphasise how social media can offer an alternative approach to navigate your way through your studies and your career.  Working with students collaboratively in this way is massively inspiring and rewarding, hopefully for them too.

In other important news, I am also writing up my PhD….notice how the word “trying” didn’t featured there!  I seem to be moving forward with my PhD quite quickly at the moment (well really there isn’t a choice, my dreadline’s approaching fast!).  However, blogging about my research has definitely helped me to understand it better in the past. When I get a chance I will blog about it…promise! Back to my analysis chapters for now.

Feelings of guilt for not blogging in ages have now gone away:)


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