It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Originally posted on the REDS blog 04/02/2011

On the 3rd March, the second REDS event will be on how to network.  I just wanted to write a little bit about the importance of networking to entice you along.

Networking is quite possibly the most crucial aspect of academic life – it is very much a case of not what you know, but who.  The REDS session will look at the networks you already have (everybody has them), examine how these could be strengthened, explore the opportunities they could provide, and discuss what networking can do for your future.  Networking can get you a job, help you access research funding, gain teaching experience, find research opportunities, collaborations, others researching similar things, and so on – this list is endless.  We all have the basic networking skills in place, but it is how to network effectively at the various events and places we find ourselves, and working out what you want from networking that’s important.

There were some interesting ideas emerging in the first REDS event this week – we are also going to look at how our networks might help us bring some of these projects to life.   I’m looking forward to the next event and hope to see you there – if you would like to come please book your ticket here