Striving to be enterprising

I’m often sick to the back teeth of my PhD, so I thought I would focus on enterprise for this blog, which should hold my interest and make sure I actually write some posts.

Since attending the North West Enterprise School last year for early career researchers, and my group winning the overall prize (that’s it for bragging), I have been keen to further develop my entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills.  As times seemingly get tougher in the job market, and the academic career path doesn’t seem within easy reach anymore, such circumstances are encouraging and promoting enterprise as the solution to all our problems.  I’m sure some economic historian somewhere can explain how entrepreneurship rises and falls way better than I can – I’d be really interested to read about this topic if anyone has any recommendations.

So anyway, entrepreneurship, and/or the entrepreneurial mindset, seems like one of the most promising ways forward for me and my future.  This blog is going to be about that journey really, towards wherever it is I am going.  I’m in the third year of my PhD and would be lying if I said I wasn’t deeply concerned about my future prospects.  Everything is so grim at the minute – every which way you look is bleak – cuts cuts cuts!  When I started my PhD in 2008, the signs of hard times were there, and things certainly seemed a bit iffy.  So I thought a three year long PhD would cover me for the hard times, and everything would be all nicely sorted out by the time I’d completed my thesis.  Erm…..yeah…..I think I might just have got that one a bit wrong!

Originally, I always thought I would take the academic career path, towards a post as a research fellow or lectureship.  However, after teaching bits and bats for five years now, and having worked on various research projects, a more industry-focused, non-academic career path now seems more appealing & bizarrely more secure.  Also, after enterprise training at the school earlier this year, I learned that you can create your own job, like many of the mentors and tutors there had.

Ok, I don’t want to go on and on….here’s to 2011 and all that it may bring.  I hope to keep you posted on my entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial activities, and would love to hear what you think too!  Talk to me!


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